Bishop’s Top Ten Columns on Truth

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St. Ambrose and Augustine
St. Ambrose and St. Augustine

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The Bishop’s Top Ten Columns on Truth

Next week, the Moment of Truth bloggers return with two new blogs on truth. But this week, we’re offering you a special treat, a collection of columns by Bishop Morlino.

The Bishop’s First Task: Preach the Truth

Bishop Morlino is Madison’s “herald of faith” (CCC888). He fulfills his “first task” by preaching “the Gospel of God to all men” (CCC888). And he fulfills it in a special way at the Cathedral Parish. We look forward to his three points and to his conversational, straight-forward delivery. He cuts through the fog of our relativistic culture to reveal truth, but always with compassion.

In the process, he earns the respect of most, but offends the sensibilities of some. He suffers this mixed reception as the price for teaching us truth, for helping us to reach heaven. Would we want anything less?

In addition to preaching at Mass, Bishop Morlino also writes a column—Under the Gospel Book—for the Catholic Herald.  Typically, he begins with the reading from the previous Sunday then expands into other topics as well.  And similar to his style of preaching, he writes for understanding, not for show.

Bishop’s Top Ten Columns on Truth

I combed through the Catholic Herald archives—2009-2016—and selected what I think are his Top Ten Columns on Truth. Within this list, you will find topics ranging from relativism to beauty, and from the papacy to conscience. Browse the following Top Ten and, one by one, click the columns you find interesting. But don’t read just one; read several to familiarize yourself with the Bishop’s style and to know the collective truths he imparts.

 1.  Addressing the ‘credibility crisis’: March 19, 2009

Bishop teaches us that “the Church is in the Truth business”. He explains the Church’s four marks, but then, admits that we don’t always reflect them.

2.  Verbal victims of the Dictatorship of Relativism: May 6, 2010

In a powerful second paragraph, Bishop explains Pope Benedict XVI’s phrase, Dictatorship of Relativism, and its heightened sense of isolation. One casualty of this isolation is a self-centered understanding of love. He brings us back to love’s foundation in sacrifice.

3.  The Search for True Beauty: October 4, 2012

This column is a delight. Bishop uses the fascination of the “tinies” with his hat (mitre) as an introduction to the wonder and awe we experience in the presence of beauty. Accordingly, he encourages us to “evangelize our culture through beauty”.

4.  Serving the Truth to the World: June 7, 2012

The Bishop preached this homily at the ordination to the Diaconate of Rev. Mr. Vincent Brewer and Rev. Mr. Garrett Kua. The Bishop offers them this advice: be prepared for humiliation and a denial of justice; but always “give the whole Truth of Jesus Christ!”

5.  Spreading the Truth about the Papacy: March 14, 2013

Here, Bishop offers a catechesis on the papacy. The Pope’s “primary responsibility is to preserve and conserve the Truth of our faith.” But we, too, are called to evangelize for Truth.

6.  Conscience Must be a “Truth-seeking Radar”: February 20, 2014

Bishop encourages us to “speak the Truth as it is written on our hearts, and to help others to form their conscience.” He calls conscience a “truth-seeking radar”. It scans “the horizon of reality, looking for Truth so that it can lock on to it, be changed by it, and be made heroic.”

7.  The Sacred Plan for Marriage: May 7, 2015

First, Bishop reminds us to “hate the sin, while loving the sinner”, to uphold the truth of marriage while refraining from condemning the person who fails to uphold its true meaning. Then, he reveals the error of complacency.

8.  Christmas and the Mystery of Time: December 24, 2015

This is a philosophical gem. On Christmas Eve, Bishop draws from his years as a philosophy professor to open our minds to the relationship between light, truth, being, and time. He explains the beauty and the mystery of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Immaculate Conception as an example of God’s mastery over time.

9.  Reflecting Upon Word of God and Natural Law: February 18, 2016

Natural law resides in our hearts, but many people in our culture fight it. Accordingly, Bishop exhorts us keep our Catechism close and our voices ready.  “Ours is not a time for silence that almost bespeaks cowardice.”

10.  Have Faith in the Invisible Realities: April 7, 2016

Finally, Bishop reinforces our understanding of invisible realities. “Blessed are they who have not seen but have believed!”

Take time to read the Bishop’s newest column in the Catholic Herald.  Then, return to this site next week for two fresh A Moment of Truth blogs.  For now, I’ll conclude by borrowing the Bishop’s own closing, “Thank you for taking time to read this.  Praised be Jesus Christ!”

Todd Burud


Bishop’s Top Ten Columns on Truth

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